"Zeal 2 Heal" is a child welfare trust started with a passion to serve.As the name suggests every person/member of our team have the eagerness to heal the pain of less fortunate people. Zeal2Heal is registered under Trust category on 23rd January 2012."Zeal 2 Heal" is not a residential Trust.This trust is organized by a team of youngsters for enlightening the lives of abandoned and destitute children.

The trust Shall be a public Charitable and Educational trust.The Objects of the trust are :

To provide children with education,child basic amenities,child medical care and child welfare to poor,orphan  and destitute children.

To improve the quality of life of underprivileged children by giving scholarships and educational assistance in the form of free books, uniform to poor and deserving students for higher education.

Pave way to orphan and destitute children for their better future and settlement in different regions of the world.

To Create awareness against illiteracy, alcoholism, early marriage, child labour and other social offences through effective, systematic and scientific counselling to needy people.

To provide help and support developing villages in terms of education,medical aid, Sanitation and other development measures.