Our Contributors

"Zeal 2 Heal" Activities are taking place by the support of these contributors.The Contributors are those interested to serve the needy in terms of Money and Materials.Those listed here are Regular Contributors.

"Zeal 2 Heal" is always thankful to them. Also we thank others those who contribute Occasionally..

1. Mr.Vijay Alagappan,Mech Engineer,Mercedes Benz.

2. Mr.P.Raagul,Software Engineer,Kaene,Bangalore.

3. Miss. P.Harini,Software Engineer ,IBM India Pvt Ltd,Chennai.

4. Mr.Ganesh Ponraj,Software Engineer,Athena Health Pvt.Ltd,Chennai.

5. Miss.A.Malathi,Software Engineer ,IBM India Pvt Ltd,Bangalore.

6. Mr.Simon,Software Engineer,Athena Health Pvt.Ltd,Chennai.

7. Mr.Timothy,Tata Consultancy Services,Bangalore.

8. Mr.Periyasamy,Tata Consultancy Services,Chennai.

9. Mr.Ilango,Tata Consultancy Services,Chennai.

10.Miss.Kiruthika,Tata Consultancy Services,Chennai

11.Mr.Deepak Selvakumar,Phd Scholar,IIT.