Our Members

Members are the backbone of "zeal 2 heal" Association.They take part in almost every event conducted.They help us by suggesting their opinion and support us in many ways.They contribute their energy and work for the association.The Success credit of "zeal 2 heal" Association's activities is equally shared by the members of our Association.

1. G.Deebika,Student,TCE,Madurai

2. Keerthika,Student,TCE,Madurai

3. Vijay Kumar,Student,SocialScience college,Madurai.

4. Sornavignesh,Student,American college,Madurai.

5. P.G.Lashmi,Student,TCE,Madurai.

6. Thimothy,Tata Consultancy Services,Bangalore.

7. Karthiga,Student,TCE,Madurai

8. Ram kumar, Student,TCE,Madurai 

9. Adhireyan,Professor,Yadava College,Madurai

And More.......