29.12.2012 and 31.12.2012 Workshop At Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Alanganalur:

                    The village,Alanganalur is situated in Madurai district.It is well-known for bull fight(Jallikattu).On 29th December We arranged for Blood check-up camp from Apollo Hospital,Madurai  for the students and Villagers.This helped around 85 people to know their blood group.We taught them basics of computer and gave a small presentation on basic first aid.On 31st December we shared with the students the procedures of Detergent Making, Flower Making and Ink Making. For better understanding students were allowed to practice with necessary materials.We also talked to the children's parents about the importance of education. 

                      A great Job done by the Event organizers.Without your planning and Efforts this event would     not been successful.Happy that we got good feedback from the participants.We also got special (brief) feedback from few participants.
Organizers Keerthika and Deebika

Apollo Technicians @ blood checkup

Ponsaravanan teaching basic hardware

Gandhimathinathan teaching Basic computer

Keerthika teaching first aid

Mrs.Sakunthala and Anbunila counselling to the parents

Gandhimathinathan & others teaching detergent making

Ahalya,Abinayya and others teaching Flower Making

Participants at Flower Making

Gandhimathinathan teaching ink making

Distributing Detergent and Biscuits

Special feedback is been given to the organizers