30.12.2012 Sunday Rally-Requesting Strict Law for Women,Madurai

                       This  Silent Rally is our Dedication to all women suffering Sexual harassment throughout the world.This is our contribution in requesting our government to enforce strict laws for women's security and to implement speedy justice. Rally started around 7.30 am from Thammukkam,Madutrai. We reached Collectrate around 8.15 am.There we remained silent for a minute to express condolence for the dead soul (Delhi rape case victim). Then we Signed a letter which is a request for quicker justice and strict law.Followed by that Mr. Thirunavukarasu,Deputy commissioner,Law and Order division,Madurai addressed the gathering.He started with introduction between each other present,which showed his friendliness and respect to others.His talk about various laws enacted for women and insisted the importance to know the law.He promised to help and guide anyone who comes for justice or report. His talk was inspiring and gave trust on policemen.We would like to thank him for the honor and stunning address which stirred everybody present there.The Signed letter is been given to the district Collector.We would like to thank all the policemen involved in the protection and for their great support throughout the rally.

            The Event Organizers(D.Abinaya and C.Gandhimathinathan) deserves all credits to the event.Their co-ordination in organizing this event was splendid.

            Special thanks to Jothi,M.E.CSE,Sree sowdambika college of Engineering,and Sudhakar,Msc IT,Subbulakshi Lakshmipathy Arts and Science College,Madurai for the poetic lines in the Letter Which gave life to the Rally.  

                              Our efforts didn't go in vain,will never be.

Published in THE HINDU, 6th January 2013,Sunday 

Published in THE HINDU,31st December 2013,Monday

Our Members with the Letter

Mr.Thirunavukarasu ,DC,Law and Order Division,Madurai

Mr.Thirunavukarasu addressing the gathering

Letter Submitted to the District Collector