16.02.2013 A trip with Bethany children home kids

                 The motive of this trip is an initiative to ensure every child deserves the right of childhood enjoyment.The Trip started at 8.30 am and last till 7 pm.The Children doesn't know about this trip.The idea is to make the entire trip filled with suspense,thrill,fun and finally thoughtful.We started from Bethany Children home at 8.50 am and reached the park around 10.45.The Park had a children play area,disco,boating for kids,open theater and lots more,good enough to spend four to five hours.Snacks was distributed and then the kids were allowed to enjoy every aspect of the park till 12.50.Lunch was served between 1.00pm to 2.00pm.The children enjoyed playing around for another forty-five  minutes followed by photo sessions.Then children received some surprise gifts(Got in written their needs and wishes two days before) such as stationery,Fancy for girls,Balls and guns.We reached Madurai around 5.20pm. Next was the visit to a old age home,Inba illam,Pasumalai, where we asked the children to interact with the elderly for about an hour and distribute some Fruits(banana, Guava and Orange).The children also performed dance and sang few songs.The idea is to make the children feel the joy of giving and to make them realize their responsibility of taking care of others.We are happy that the children enjoyed being at the Old age home and we could see the impact in the elderly  people's happiness.Thank god we could met what we intended to.

BalaMurugan and Ahalya are the organizers of the event.We are proud to bring such happiness in the children's face and also very glad that the children could pass it on to the elderly people.

"Zeal 2 Heal" Team with Balamurugan(Center) and Ahalya (Center)

 Fun Park Entrance

Keerthika with kids

Gowtham with kids

Snacks Distribution

Children eating snacks

Children  in  Fish Aquarium

Children at Disco
Children lining up for boating

Gandhimathinathan with kids

Balamurugan with kids

Vijay Kumar(New z2h member) Serving food

Our members

Children,Our team with Seran Fun park's In-charge(right)

Organizers distributing gifts to the children

Gift distribution

Our team with the Kids

our member with the inmates of INBA ILLAM

Selvaraj,A kid from Bethany children ome

Alaguraja and selvaraj from bethany

Remiston from Bethany performing dance

Bino and Ruth mary from Bethany Singing song

Bino,Ruthmary,Benit rose and alagurani performing group dance
Sakunthala singing song

Abinaya helping a grandma

Sakunthala talking to the inmates of Inba Illam