01.02.2014 Saturday First Aid Training For Zeal2Heal Team

What a Useful day it was.The First aid workshop started about 10.30 AM and lasted till 4 PM.There were about 10 of us who attended the session.Being a first aider is a gift  as it helps to save many lives.Knowing first aid not only helps to lend a hand in need but also prevents one from doing something that shouldn't be done.The session was as practical as possible with root explanations as to why to do and why not to do certain things.We were very greatly involved that we forgot to take more snaps .We suggest and request all of you to get to know the first aid techniques whenever you get a chance.This session we attended broke a lot of myths for us.It will surely be useful for you as well as people around you.Thank you Sathya Seva Committe for giving us a great opportunity to learn and save lives.