15.08.2014 - Independence Day Celebration @ Sarjapur Road,Bangalore

Very Important Day for any Indian. A Small Contribution to our country is always a pleasure though we have lot of complaints and regrets. Would it be challenging if you get everything once you are born, If life is easy and safe? if people recognize and treat you well for any small thing you do.No..Not at all. Being an Indian you will get to know what problems are, How to face them and handle any uncertain situation, the courage and the power. Using these in a smart way and living happy and proud is up to you.

For those leave India and settle in abroad. You guys cant stop feeling proud to be an Indian.You are there because you were Indian.

Thanks a lot for Priyanga RamasamyMalathi AnandBaaskar,Vijay Alagappan and Suchi for joining us in the event.You guys proved that you wont transfer money every month and forget but attend possible event and see that the money is used wisely. Very happy for your support. Keep supporting. Your commitment our strength.

Vicky NairLakshmi Narayan Lavanya Sweetie Sandhya JanuDcl Reddyl, Vishnu, Chetan and friends. 
Happy that you guys are part of our team now. The commitment, energy and the service you guys do in this age is splendid. Keep doing. Thanks a lot for making this event happen. Lets do more things together for the less fortunate kids.

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