27.07.2014 - Tryshades'2014

Tryshades'2014 was a great success with lot of positive things and a great step ahead. We started registrations @ 9.30 am. We could see many participants came at 9 am and was eagerly waiting for the event to start. After the registration were the chart distribution and the topics were revealed [1.Nature 2.Tradition 3.My imaginary World].The event went till 12 pm and then Artist Harsha evaluated the drawings. Harsha came all the way from Andhra for this event and his first trip to Madurai He had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the event. We also had Mr.Siva ,Mr.Udhaya Kumar,Mr Sathya Varthan,Mr.Gunasekaran who are all the experienced artists who came to paint/Draw in our event supporting our cause. Their presence and tips to the children added more value to the event. After evaluation were the Award ceremony and briefing about zeal2heal and Tryshades followed by feedback session and art display. Our team was appreciated for the cause and organizing such events. We are still improving our efforts to be more and more better.

Have to be mentioned.Thanks a lot for the CSI home boys for all the efforts they had put in for this event. All the decorations,drawings and most of the banner display and table arrangements were made by them. We were totally moved to see their efforts without any expectation. We are really proud to work with them. Know what our Tryshades post-event celebration was with the CSI home kids. Thank you Mr.Sebastian, CSI home warden for the support you extended.

There are people who expect return in everything they do especially business men and media. But the supporters of our event broke that thought be it Jeyaprabha Jewelry or Suryan Fm Maduraii or Perrys biscuits. They supported us a lot not for their publicity and gain but mainly for the cause and our efforts. Their expectations were fully based on the event's success. We whole heartedly thank you all for the huge support you have provided. This would really be a big booooost up for us. Looking foreword to partner with you for our future events.

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