21.07.2015 TRYSHADES 2015

As expected TRYSHADES-2015 was more special with Bethany and Knh boys home kids and also we had some school friends who attended the event.The event began at 9.30 welcoming the participants and talking to them.Then drawing event started at 10 am while all the participants were very excited to draw and paint.They all had their colors ready.We distributed the chart and disclosed the topics(a)Beauty b)Celebration and c)Independence). As this event was not to compete but to share the joy of Art between the young Artists we broke all rules from being seated alone to sticking to topic.All the children had the freedom to talk,share and team up.
The event duration was 2.5 hrs followed by prize distribution,Art kit distribution and lunch.
No Strict rules,No Guest,No speeches and full fun and Joy.
You never know how much pleasure and satisfaction it would give to do things in a simple way.We would cherish TRYSHADES-2015 moments forever than so many organised and perfect events as it gave us the ultimate joy and helped create smiles and memories.